Virus Caused By Fecal-Contaminated Food Sickens 100 At A Chipotle In Cali



If you’ve never caught the norovirus, bless your damn soul. Getting it was genuinely one of the more god awful experiences of my life.

A buddy and I came down with it in New Orleans on a bachelor party the second to last day. We spent the next 36 in bed. It was exhausting to move. The walk to the toilet to puke or shit was almost incomprehensible. I’d hold it in for hours because my legs were too weak to stand.

The nastiest part is when you realize how you contract it. By eating another person’s poo. Yep, it’s pretty much only passed through fecal bacteria.

Which is why you should be grossed out when you hear that the norovirus sickened almost 100 people at a Chipotle in California. That is a lot of poo. From the Associated Press:

Health officials say a foodborne virus may have sickened nearly 100 customers and employees last month at a Chipotle restaurant in Ventura County.

Authorities say those workers will remain off duty until additional testing clears them.

Eighty customers and 18 employees fell ill in mid-August. The restaurant was closed for a day and cleaned and no new illnesses have been reported.

Norovirus can cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

So can Chipotle. Wonder how anyone knew they were sick.

I kid. It’s truly terrible. Don’t ever get it.

[H/T Eater]