North Carolina Couple Arrested For Basically Having A Food Fight After Argument Breaks Out


Gastonia PD

I’ve heard some crazy ass stories about why people have been arrested, but having the equivalent of a food fight was never one of them—until now.

According to the police report, a couple with the names Brad Beard and Samantha Canipe were involved in an argument where they were throwing pizza rolls at each other, and actually got arrested for assault.


Gastonia PD

Per The Smoking Gun:

Summoned to the Gastonia apartment around 1 AM, cops reported that Beard, 24, and Canipe, 21, had “assaulted each other by throwing pizza rolls at each other.” A Gastonia Police Department report does not reveal whether the bite-size delicacies were hot or cold (or whether anyone was injured during the fracas).

The motive for the mutual domestic combat is also not addressed in the police report.

Both Beard and Canipe—who were charged with simple assault, which is a misdemeanor—were released from jail Monday afternoon after posting a $2,500 bond. Big question, though: How could anyone waste such a delicious drunk snack?

[H/T The Smoking Gun]

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