Norwegians Surprisingly Cool With Guy In Giant Penis Costume Running Around Shooting Confetti On Them


We’re at a point as a society where we can agree that most pranks are awful. This Norwegian job, on the other hand, is terrific. And it was all for charity!

To clarify, sex education charity RFSU hired ad agency Involve! to come up with something for a condom use campaign, which began as a response to rising chlamydia rates in Norway. Involve! then hired 19-year-old student Philip van Eck because he was tall enough to fit in the giant penis suit they’d built. Once properly fitted, Philip ran around spouting golden confetti at total strangers in service of the campaign’s tagline, “Tiss kan overraske,” which means “Penis can surprise you.”

This is how you raise awareness and money. Not by wearing matching shirts and exercising in a public park or something lame. No, if you want attention, you feign ejaculation over unsuspecting strangers. That’s just Marketing 101.

In fact, you should probably take to the streets and replicate this idea as soon as possible.

What could possibly go wrong?

[H/T: Adweek]