This Girl’s One ‘Not Delivered’ Text Proved Once And For All The Thirst Is SO REAL Out There

arynn andrews

Twitterer @uncle_glitter got quite the surprise on Friday, when Nick hit her up, and she found out that the thirst around here is very, very real these days.

Clearly trying to carry on a cordial text conversation, homegirl attempted to let Nick know that she was working on Friday evening, and politely asked what he was up to, after he’d hit her up presumably to make plans.

The only problem is…the “Working again ;(” part – a vital half of the exchange – went undelivered. And hilariously resulted in our boy Nick wildly jumping the gun.

Poor, poor Nick. Sold himself out for what he assumed was a golden ticket. Fucking technology, man.

But then again, did he ever really have a chance after Hahaha’ing and LOL’ing in the very same sentence!? Methinks not.

The struggle continues for Arynn Andrews it seems.

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