I Can’t Believe This NRA Video About Blind People Being Allowed To Have Guns Is Real

I have fact checked this video, and I am 99% sure that it is real, and not a video from The Onion, or some other satirical news site. And thank god because it makes me so happy.

Bad ass Dom Raso goes right for the jugular in his first line of his video, asserting that if you don’t want blind people to have guns then you don’t take your rights as an American seriously. Haha, what?

He poses the question, “do you think just because they’re blind, they’re going to start shooting in every direction, and kill everyone?” Um, yeah, kinda actually. Dom calls bullshit on your intolerance by quoting the well-known fact that blind people have increased awareness of their hearing and spacial surroundings. That’s great; they’ll be able to hear the person they just shot in the neck waling in pain better than a normal person.

Let me play out a situation for your here, Dom. Two teenage kids are getting into some mischief and messing with a neighbor’s house. They’re throwing eggs, TP’ing the house, whatever. If I’m this neighbor, I look outside and see these punk kids, and I yell something about their generation while spraying them with a hose. A blind guy, he doesn’t have the ability to look and see it’s just a bunch of kids. He thinks his house is being broken into. He grabs his gun, blasts off a couple shots by the door, and then you have a couple of dead kids.

Dom claims that when weighing a decision like this, you have to think of freedom. When you make a decision that strips someone’s civil and constitutional rights away, “you’re not participating in what the American belief is, and why we have these rights in the first place.”

Dude, how ’bout instead of thinking of freedom, we think of logic. See, the thing about blind people is that they can’t see so good. One of the things that you need to do when you have a gun is see where you’re shooting. If you can’t see where you’re shooting, it could create a bit of a problem. I don’t buy your logic that they’ll be able to hear their way into a) firing an accurate shot, b) correctly identify that the person they’re intending to shoot is really someone deserving of being shot at.

This video is so ridiculous in so many ways, but I love it because America. How does it only have 6,000 views? Let’s get this puppy up there.