Here’s How Close You Live To A Nuclear Bomb

Until I came across this video above, shared on Gizmodo’s Sploid, I’d never considered just how close I live to a nuclear bomb.

Given that I live relatively close to Central Command (or Cent Comm) in Tampa I figured that I lived closer to a nuclear bomb than I actually do. I don’t know why I always assumed there was at least one nuclear warhead at Cent Comm but it turns out I was wrong, and the nearest nuclear warheads (both operational and in storage) to me at this moment are in Georgia. Come to think of it, I guess I don’t have the slightest idea of what goes on at Central Command other than intelligence gathering…

map of nuclear bomb locations in the united states

YouTube / RealLifeLore

What about you bros, are you living on the Devil’s Doorstep or is there a decent amount of distance between you and the nearest warhead powerful enough to send us back into the Stone Age in an instant? Hit the comments below and let everyone know how far you are from the nearest bomb!