The #1 Alcohol To Drink To Avoid A Hangover Has Been Revealed So Go Ahead, Knock Yourself Out

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The most notable reminder of aging is one’s ability to combat a hangover. I just turned 29 in June and I literally just fully recovered from my birthday party hangover last Tuesday. Long gone are the days when I’d hit the gym or get out of bed before 2 pm after a night of domestically abusing my vital organs with alcohol.

Me 5 years ago:

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And although hangover-free drinking is about as believable as cuddle-free sex, the hangovers you get based on the alcohol you consumed the night before vary drastically. You certainly know this is you’ve ever had a night solely drinking Fireball. The human body is not built for that much morning-after agony.

So what is the go-to drink if you’re looking to get shitcocked and not be a piece of shit the next day?

According to Daily Star, a team of fitness professionals have concluded that tequila is your best choice, more specifically blanco tequila.

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The alcohol is made from 100 percent agave, a Mexican plant, and is void of sugar and corn syrup that adds solid flavor but is your worst nightmare the next day. The alcohol is also gluten-free and vegan, which means nothing to me, but my annoying friends tell me it’s beneficial.

Jason Eisner, director at Hollywood’s trendy vegan bar-restaurant Gracias Madre (sounds insufferable), told The Cut:

“We have a lot of trainers and fitness gurus who come in and drink every day.

The way they’re able to do that is to stick to pure agave spirits.

As long as you stay hydrated and don’t drink, like, a whole bottle, you’re fine. Not hungover.”

Wait, so the stipulation is that you have to drink less than a bottle to not be hungover? Let’s get realistic, pal.

[h/t Daily Star]

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