Dude Hits A Record 240 Consecutive Green Lights While Driving In NYC And This Is Proof That God Exists

Noah Forman is a ride-share driver (Uber/Lyft), who recently set the unofficial record for most consecutive green lights hit while driving in Manhattan. On a record-setting drive last week, Noah hit 240 consecutive green lights while driving up and down the island.

As someone who used to have a car and drive in NYC (before moving back to FL) I can honestly say that this is the most soothing video I’ve ever seen in my life. This clip is better than all of the rainforest footage and whale sounds put together.

Once, when President Obama was eating dinner on my block and I had to drive uptown and over the George Washington Bridge it took me 2.5 hours to drive 7 miles. That’s how I think of Manhattan traffic at most times. I don’t often think about the time I made it from Houston all the way to 116th without hitting a red light. That’s where I parked my car, a 45min subway ride from my apartment downtown…Isn’t NYC the best?

Actually, in this video above I thought he was going to bust a left around Washington Square Park (he went right) and then he’d have been right by one of my old apartments if he’d crossed Houston, and coincidentally he’d have driven past the restaurant (‘Carbone’) where Obama was eating the day he fucked me with city-wide traffic for hours. It’s always fun to see your old stomping grounds in videos like this.

Now, for fun, I’d love to see some poor soul get out on those same roads in rainy traffic and attempt to set the record for the most consecutive red lights hit in Manhattan. New York drivers can’t navigate the road FOR SHIT when it’s raining. If you were to cruise up the elusive 4th Avenue and through Union Square during a Friday afternoon rush hour rain storm you might actually fine a rip in the space-time continuum and be stuck in traffic forever, seeing more red lights than any man in history.

(h/t DIGG)

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