NYC Missed Connection Perfectly Captures How NYC Can Chew You Up And Spew You Out (I’m Talking About Vomit Here)

If this Craigslist Missed Connection doesn’t warm your cold, dead heart then I don’t know what will. This is such a rare expression of guilt and remorse for a New Yorker, you just never see anyone in this city taking accountability for their actions AND willing to make amends. Stories like this, and bridge pukers like the woman in this story are what makes New York City place on Earth. Also, when I read this NYC w4m Missed Connection on Craigslist I actually got a little nostalgic, but I’ll tell you bros about that in a minute. In the meantime, let’s check out the best NYC Missed Connection of 2015:

Here’s the text from that NYC w4m Missed Connection for those of you who prefer not reading images screencapped from Craigslist:

You: on a boat on the East River; Me: vomiting off the Triboro Bridge – w4m (TriBoro Bridge)
New York : New York

I am so, so sorry. I had been walking all day and I think I had heatstroke. The urge came over me so fast I barely had time to reach the bridge railing, let alone check out below for unsuspecting riverboat pilots, and by the time I saw you, it was too late.

I’m not sure if I actually scored a direct hit, but judging from the curses I heard as I fled the scene it must have been bad.

If this was you: I am so, so, so sorry. Please contact me and I’ll pay your dry cleaning bill/buy you a new sailor hat/hose down your boat.

Tell me the colour and type of your boat so I know it’s you.



My first (and only) question is this: who the hell walks across the Triboro Bridge? Or were they in a car and had to pull over? I drive over that bridge pretty damn frequently and for the life of me I can’t remember where there’s a footpath. Moving on….

The season was Fall, the year was 2007. I was in NYC with my 2 roommates searching for an apartment, and we’d gone three sheets to the wind the night before. Which for me meant that I was feeling like dog sh*t the next morning when we were supposed to meet our real estate broker. He never showed up that morning to take us to apartments, and I have a feeling it might’ve had to do with the fact that I was throwing up into a trashcan on a street corner somewhere in Gramercy. My hunch is that when the broker showed up he saw me blowing chunks into the trash bin and just kept on walking, but I have no proof of that. So let this serves as my own Missed Connection for that day, and a notice to that broker that you missed out on a solid commission because we inked an apartment later that afternoon.


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