Naked Body Paint Chicks In Times Square Assault Elderly Man With Scalding Hot Coffee

Gone are the days of Manhattan’s infamous ‘Naked Cowboy’ being the main nude attraction in NYC’s Times Square. These days, the hottest (and sexiest) naked sight to see in NYC are the ‘desnuda’ performers, a few chicks who put on body paint every day and charge tourists to take photos with their tig ol’ bitties hanging out. It’s not like these ladies have offices to retreat to when eating lunch, they eat out in public with their areolas on display for the whole world to see.

One of those people taken aback by seeing a naked woman painted like the American Flag eating her lunch was a 70-year-old man. On Saturday, this elderly man stopped to take a photo of 18-year-old Desnuda performer Tarrah Merill eating her lunch when she allegedly flipped shit, threw scalding hot coffee on the old man, and then allegedly assaulted him with countless punches and kicks. Reports seem to suggest that she didn’t take kindly to the elderly man photographing her while she was eating, which is something I can 100% sympathize with because I hate when people take photos of me while eating. With that said, none of this is surprising as I wouldn’t expect someone who gets paid to strip naked in Times Square, one of the busiest places on the planet, has the most level head around.

According to the New York Daily News, one of the Desnuda performers covered in body paint cut the man’s eye when throwing punches, and that’s when a second naked chick allegedly got involved and started swing bows.

It saddens me to admit that I never crossed paths with these chesty performers before leaving NYC after nearly a decade of living in Manhattan, but like any good transplant I stayed far away from Times Square except to hit up the Nokia/Best Buy Theater for jam band shows. I love a nice pair of chesticles as much as the next guy, and I can’t help but feel a loss at what I might’ve seen had I just headed on over to Times Square at the right time…

….for more on this story you can click on over to the New York Daily News….

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