Obama’s Ex Who He Allegedly Did Cocaine With Claims He Was An Absolute Savage In The Sack

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Yo Billy Clinton, looks like you aren’t the only presidential with an affliction for boning. Ain’t that right, Barry O?!

A new book by Pulitzer Prize winning author David Garrow titled “Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama” contains some deeply personal anecdotes about the 44th POTUS. As I reported yesterday, Obama allegedly asked a  woman not named Michelle to marry him not once, but twice. He was rejected twice.

A new tidbit from Genevieve Cook, an Australian-born woman who hooked up with a then-22-year-old Obama after their first date in Manhattan, claims the Obama was a seasoned vet in the sheets.

“All this f—ing was so much more than lust,” the book quotes a passage from her diary, according to the Daily Mail. “Making love with Barack, so warm and flowing and soft but deep — relaxed and loving — opening up more.”

“Sexually he really wasn’t very imaginative but he was comfortable. He was no kind of shrinking ‘can’t handle it. This is invasive’ or ‘I’m timid’ in any way; he was quite earthy.”

According to the New York Post, Cook reveals that they two even indulged in cocaine during their relationship, but Obama wasn’t a huge fan.

“For every five lines that somebody did, he would have done half,” Cook said.

The book also claims that Obama had once considered a gay relationship after an openly gay political science instructor who had a “huge impact” on him and who Obama himself said “helped educate” him, sparked his interest. But, he would later confide in a girlfriend that “he had thought about and considered gayness but ultimately decided that a same-sex relationship would be less challenging and demanding than developing one with the opposite sex.”

The book is set to be released on May 9th and contains 1,078-pages, so we’re just scratching the surface.

[h/t New York Post]

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