Lucky Barack Obama Is Probably Watching ‘Game of Thrones’ Season Four as We Speak


The federal government is closed today in honor of President’s Day, which means if you are a government employee, you ain’t got shit to do. Your office is closed. Your boss is off. It’s a holiday.

Which means a lot of employees are binge-watching their favorite shows. House of Cards, perhaps. But one federal employee is most likely viewing episodes of a show none of us plebians have access to yet.

Yes, Barack Obama is most likely watching Season Four of Game of Thrones (whose awesome trailer dropped today) as we speak. How do I know this? Well, because our shrewd president invited the head of HBO to his most recent state dinner. There, he asked for an advance of the upcoming season, according to the New York Times.

President Obama stopped [HBO Chief Executive  Richard P] Plepler at a state dinner to ask for advance copies of “True Detective” and “Game of Thrones” to watch over the holiday weekend.

I highly doubt the head of HBO would say no. So there you have it. Being president does have its perks.

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