We Now Have Video Proof That Octopuses Are Aliens

It’s only been a few months since several world renowned scientists came forward to make the bold claim that octopuses are probably aliens. When those scientists first announced that discovery most people just brushed it off has sensationalism. The general population figured there was no possible way octopuses could be aliens and that the scientists claiming octopuses are aliens were just trying to make a name for themselves by grabbing headlines. Well here we are a few months later and we now have VIDEO PROOF that octopuses are aliens:

Alien Octopus Is An Alien

In that video you first see the octopus shoot jets of water through its octopus siphon/blowhole/whatever, and it’s doing this in order to create quicksand beneath the ocean. So as a society I think we can now safely assume that any existence of quicksand in the wild was caused by an octopus seeking to either hide from human capture OR from an octopus trying to lure humans to its secret laboratory where it will do weird octopus experiments on us.

Second up that octopus makes a chimney for itself to breathe beneath the sand and suddenly I’m wondering why the United States Military hasn’t found a way to weaponize octopods yet! Just think what life would be like if we could train these ridiculously intelligent animals to do the work of a sniper: we’d no longer need ghillie suits, human lives wouldn’t be at risk, AND we’d have weaponized octopuses. Though that might be exactly what these alien creatures want us to do, arm and weaponize their entire species so that they can overthrow the human race. I suppose we are treading on some delicate territory here.

Here’s that sorcery broken down into GIFs:

If this octopus was a WWE wrestler he’d be John Cena, because just like John Cena’s ‘You Can’t See Me’ catchphrase you actually cannot see this octopus when it vanishes into thin air (hides under the sand). So if the U.S. Military isn’t going to weaponize octopuses then can we at least get an octopus fighting in the WWE? How much fun would that be?

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