Here’s What Everyone REALLY Does When They Use The Office Bathroom

office bathroom


You know that some weirdass shit goes on in your office’s bathroom (probably because you’ve done some weirdass shit in there yourself), but now thanks to a survey of nearly 14,000 workers in 13 countries done by a Swedish hygiene company we actually KNOW what goes on in there.

Here are some of the results (via HuffPo)…

81 percent just use the toilet.
Uh, where are the other 19% taking a leak?

46 percent wash or freshen up.
Totally normal, but seems low.

24 percent talk on the phone.
We’ve all heard that guy conducting business while “conducting business.”

22 percent change clothes.
What did these people do that they needed to change clothes?

19 percent text message.
That number is WAY too low.

15 percent put on makeup.
Assuming half the respondents were women that is also WAY too low.

15 percent take a break to be alone for a little while.
If I took this survey it’d have been this and taking a leak. The end.

11 percent take a break to release frustration.
Okay, maybe that one too.

10 percent have private conversations face to face.
Because the bathroom is like the cone of silence.

8 percent take a shower.
In the office bathroom? Really?

The rest cry (7%), smoke (7%), just keep working and sending emails (6%), eat food (5%), take a nap (3%), and exercise (3%).

Like I said, people do some weirdass shit in the office bathroom. Eat? Really?

Man in toilet image by Shutterstock

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