These Are The Official 2014 GIFs Of The Year And Someone Must Have Counted The Votes Wrong

Every year something called The GIFYs is awarded to the best GIFs of the year in various categories. You’ve got your cat GIFs, your weird GIFs, your sports GIFs, that sort of thing. You get it.

All the GIFs you see below won the award in their respective category. I don’t know what they won and I really don’t care, because of the millions of GIFs created in 2014 these were definitely not the best.

Check them out and see what I mean.

Art and Design


Can’t Look Away




Film and TV



And the 2014 GIF OF THE YEAR!!!

Really? Those were the best GIFs of 2014? I don’t think so.

Where was this one?

Or this one?

I think we need a recount. At least their awards show was very short/non-existent. So that’s a plus.

H/T HuffPo