Oh, Look. It’s a FitBit For Your Dick

by 5 years ago


British sex product manufacturer Bondara has seen the success of Nike’s FitBit, those wearable bracelets that keep track of calories burned, and thought, ‘Man, wouldn’t that shit be hot if it was wrapped around someone’s dick?’

So, they made a calorie-counting cock ring (still in prototype), which tracks energy expended while fucking. And not just regular fucking. It can track doggystyle sex, too. Probably. Gay sex, also. Can’t imagine they are discriminatory. But maybe!

Coming in white and purple, the SexBit has an LED screen, vibrating functions for his and her pleasure, and is WiFi/Bluetooth compatible.

It will also light the fuck up when you find the right rhythm, as well as tell you your thrusts per minute rate (I YEARN for the day a woman dumps a man because his TPM sucks).

Sure. ‘Why the fuck not, world?’ is all I have to say to this.

[Via Engadget]