The Juice Will Come Clean: Close Friend Says O.J. Set To Confess When He Leaves Prison

Next year, O.J. Simpson is up for parole on his 15-year sentence for armed robbery.

Until today, I kinda hope he got denied. You know, being that he got away with murder, it’s probably best that he stay in jail for a longer period of time, rather than a shorter one.

But now, I’m pulling for the Juice. That’s because his friend told the New York Daily News that if he gets out, he will confess.

To, you know, that thing he did.

[Ron] Shipp, a former police officer who testified at Simpson’s 1995 murder trial that he’d been a pal of O.J. for 26 years, says the Juice can only exorcize his demons by coming clean.

Shipp says when Simpson gets sprung from the Nevada jail where he’s serving time for an unrelated armed robbery conviction — which could be as soon as next year — the Juice will let loose with the truth.

“I hope one day he actually will rid us of all the doubt and all the conspiracy theories and say ‘sorry I cannot go to prison (because of double jeopardy laws), but I am sorry I did it,” says Shipp, who believes that will happen.

“I do,” he said. “I got a call about a conspiracy theory about Jason (Simpson’s son) being the killer and I thought, man, come on Juice, just say ‘my son didn’t do it.'”

Yea, come on Juice.

Think of the fucking ratings.

[Via The Daily Mail]

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