Respect This Old Man Who Snorted Cocaine In Front Of A Cop After Getting Pulled Over


One of the pleasures of being an old person is no longer having to respect society’s norms.

You can curse all you want, shit during dinner, and complain about the Orientals, and no one gives a crap because everyone knows you are going to die soon.

A 73-year-old Bro took that freedom to do whatever the fuck he wanted to its end point when he tried to snort some cocaine after getting pulled over.

An officer pulled over the unidentified man in Seattle for driving without his headlights on. While processing the man’s license and registration, the old dude took out some cocaine. When the officer returned, he saw the man with a vial in his hand.

Vitamin powder, the guy tried to explain.

You can watch video of the arrest here. The cop is as surprised as you and me.

The man was arrested on possession of narcotics.

[Via Police One, Jalopnik]