Olive Garden Announces Breadsticks Sandwiches And I Just Realized I’ll Never See My Abs Again


Twitter / The Olive Garden

The Olive Garden has just announced they’ll be using their famous breadsticks in a whole new line of sandwiches, including a chicken parm breadsticks sandwich, and just like that I’ve come to grips with the fact that I’ll never see my abs again. When I first came across this announcement from the O.G. on Twitter I shared it with my fellow BroBible editors, and the general gist of the reactions towards thew new Olive Garden breadsticks sandwiches ranged from ‘Holy mother of Satan that sounds awful’ to ‘in my heart of hearts I never believed breadsticks could level up and get any better’. But here we are, soon there will be a line of Olive Garden breadsticks sandwiches unleashed on the world, and these sandwiches serve one purpose: to completely wreck havoc on your colon.


As if the Olive Garden breadsticks weren’t already buttery enough they added dipping sauces a while back (alfredo or five cheese marinara), now they’re adding chicken and melted cheese and marinara sauce to create the end-all-be-all of colon busting sandwiches. I have a pretty iron-clad stomach when it comes to eating rich foods and not crapping my brains out, but just looking at the pics of this sandwich it’s apparent that it’ll be the #1 porcelain throne wrecking sandwich on the market.

BuzzFeed notes that this announcement came just yesterday when a heavy investor in Starboard Value, a company with a huge stake in the Olive Garden, made the announcement on Wall Street Weeks (which you can watch in full here). The Olive Garden corporation was quick to back up his announcement by putting the news out there on Twitter this morning, and already the culinary world is melting at the thought of an Olive Garden Breadsticks Sandwich consisting of melted cheese, chicken, marinara, more cheese, spices, more cheese, and then topped off with some cheese.

The Olive Garden breadsticks sandwiches are expected to debut on June 1st, so mark your calendars NOW.

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