Propeller-Based Hoverboard Sounds Like A Billion Baby Elephant Farts And This Is The Future Goddammit!

If there ever comes a day when I’m meeting my enemies on the battlefield then I’m flying in on this propeller-based hoverboard from Omni that sounds like 10,000 baby elephants all farting in unison. The future is upon us, bros, and that means that we now have the opportunity to scare our enemies on the battlefields of Earth by riding propeller-based hoverboards that sound like bee swarms, and this isn’t something we should take for granted. Millions of years of evolution on planet Earth have led up to this point, the point in which we can either go to battle on the least stealth hoverboards imaginable OR we can dick around on lakes all across America on these things.

Most of you will probably end up using the Omni Hoverboard for the latter, the dicking around on lakes, if you’re ever lucky enough to get a chance to take one of these bad boys for a spin. But don’t sleep on the chance to scare the piss out of your enemies by invoking the sound of 10,000 baby elephants letting juicy farts rip in harmony, because an opportunity doesn’t come along every day.

As of now the Omni Hoverboards website is basically a landing page that says ‘Full website coming soon‘ and ‘patents pending’, so there’s really not a whole lot on there for me to determine whether this is the future of propeller-based hoverboard from Omni is truly the FUTURE. For now though, keep watching that video above on repeat, share this with your bros, and check out these GIFs of the test flight that aren’t nearly as awesome without the bee swarm noise:

And if you want a little more video of the propeller-based hoverboard from Omni here’s a video of the farthest flight ever by a hoverboard: