One-Legged Bro Once Again Turns Handicap Into Hilarious Halloween Costume

Josh Sundquist has made the most of his life, a life that doctors expected to end at an incredibly early age.At nine, Josh was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. Doctors gave him a 50/50 shot at survival. He spent a year on chemo and his left leg had to be amputated.

Any other person could have easily given up. Not Josh.

He was cured of the cancer by the age of thirteen and immediately took up ski racing. He trained for six years and in 2006 was named to the US Paralympic Ski Team. He’s the only person in history to make both the ski team and the US Amputee Soccer Team.

Besides an incredible spirit, Josh beat cancer and achieved all this thanks to his amazing sense of humor about the entire ordeal. His ability to poke fun at his handicap not only makes him feel better about the situation but also puts others at ease when meeting him for the first time.

Josh’s sense of humor shines the brightest at the “darkest” time of the year – Halloween. Every year, Josh outdoes himself by incorporating his handicap into his costume. In 2010, he was a half-eaten gingerbread man. In 2012, he was the famous lamp from the movie A Christmas Story. Last year, Josh killed it as a flamingo. But his 2014 costume might be his greatest, and funniest, Halloween achievement.

A foosball player.

Josh’s costumes, and sense of humor, both kick ass.

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