Open letter to Tasha Reign re: Pony Plugs

Dear Tasha Reign,

            You’re on to something totally
awesome with the Pony Plugs. I feel pretty just imagining wearing one—I’d be curious to know, since it’s a butt plug but also a tail, is this the right verb?—in any of the four lovely colors currently offered. As I was trying to decide which color might suit me best I realized something: you need a Reignbow Pony Plug in rainbow!

            A Pony Plug in rainbow has huge universal appeal. A rainbow as a color scheme is more gender-inclusive than any individual color. As a symbol, it resonates with the LGBTQ community, hopeless optimists, punk kids (myself included), and omgsuperfans of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. I don’t know if you know this but THERE IS A SERIOUS LACK OF RAINBOW SEX TOYS IN THE WORLD! Seriously, search any sex shop and you will find 1) a wig, 2) a couple pairs of socks, and 3) penis-shaped lollipops. You could singlehandedly corner the rainbow market. And you absolutely should.

            When you do, I want one. Maybe with a few silver strands to give it extra sparkle?


            Sadie Hazard (@sadiehazard)

PS. I realized something else as I was browsing the various places your Pony Plugs are sold: more people need to review them! And yes, to read your mind a little, I’d take one for the team ;D