Opera Singer Lost Job For Farting Too Much

by 5 years ago

A singer with the Nashville Opera Company is suing the government claiming a botched operation gave her a constant case of ass whistling. The childbirth operation performed at a military post has cause “flatulence and incontinence and threatened her career.”

Here is how the woman claims the continuous pooping and Hershey squirting happened — The couple claims a nurse, performing an episiotomy to enlarge the birth opening, made the incision during the second stage of the woman’s labor at an Army hospital in Kentucky. The nurse made the incision without informing the woman or getting her consent.

During a follow-up visit, another nurse told the woman attempts to repair the incision had been unsuccessful. This little slit makes it impossible for the woman to hold in anything.

The mistake has killed her opera career. The couple is seeking $2.5 million in damages and costs.

So far, the government isn’t commenting, but probably thinks she’s full of shit.

[via Times Free Press]