Orlando Nightclub Shooter’s Father Says Omar Mateen Is A ‘Good Son’

The father of Omar Mateen, the 29-year-old who went on a murderous rampage at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, has come forward to talk to the public and said some things that may anger the masses.

Seddique Mir Mateen, the Orlando nightclub shooter’s father, was controversial when talking about his son, who slaughtered 50 people and injured 53 more.

Seddique Mateen posted a video on Facebook says his son was well-educated and respectful to his parents (Not so respectful of his wife who he allegedly beat daily). The elder Mateen said Omar was “a good son.”

Maybe something was lost in translation? Does Seddique just not know what the word “good” means? As a reminder for the proud papa, here’s the definition of the word “good” from Merriam-Webster: “of a favorable character or tendency.”

The father told The Washington Post that he didn’t believe that his son’s actions were motivated by religion despite Omar calling 911 right before the gruesome attack and pledging allegiance to ISIS:

“I think he just wanted to boast of himself. No radicalism, no. He doesn’t have a beard even. . . . I don’t think religion or Islam had anything to do with this.”

Previously, Seddique said that his son got angry when he saw two men kissing in Miami a couple of months ago and believed that incident may have been his motivation for the heinous killings.

Seddique said he was saddened by his son’s actions during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and it wasn’t his son’s place to condemn 50 innocent people to death because of their sexuality.

“Only God can punish homosexuality,” said the father. “This is not an issue for humans to punish.”

Not a sterling past two weeks for fathers defending their sons’ horrible actions.

Seddique Mir Mateen did apologize for the attack:

“We are saying we are apologizing for the whole incident. We weren’t aware of any action he is taking. We are in shock, like the whole country,”

Seddique added:

“As a father I don’t want any father to go through what we are going through. I don’t approve what he did. What he did was completely act of terrorist.”

The older Mateen said he “would have arrested him myself” had he known of his son’s plans to commit mass murder.

From CBS News:

Seddique Mateen hosts a program on a California-based satellite Afghan TV station, aimed at the Afghan diaspora in the in the U.S., called the “Durand Jirga Show.”

The Taliban Islamic extremist movement is comprised almost entirely of Pashtuns, and Mateen’s show takes a decidedly Pashtun nationalistic, pro-Taliban slant; full of anti-U.S. rhetoric and inflammatory language aimed at non-Pashtuns and at Pakistan, the source told Logan.

When the father was asked what he’ll miss about his son, he said, “I don’t miss anything about him. What he did was against humanity.”

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