The Call Log From The Orlando Nightclub Shootings Shows How Terrifying The Situation Really Was

The June 12th shootings at a gay bar, Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, sent shockwaves through the entire country, as it became the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history after 49 people were killed and another 52 were injured.

And while there have been numerous stories that have come out as details continue to surface and the mystery of why it happened becomes clearer, the Orlando Police Department released the call log from that devastating night, showing just how frightening the moment was for those unfortunate victims.


City of Orlando


City of Orlando

The log shows multiple instances of people stranded in various areas of the nightclub, detailing what was going on, along with when officers on the phone could hear screams and shots fired.

It’s believed that the gunman of the fatal attacks, Omar Mateen, was so deranged during all of this that he actually checked Facebook to see if the events were trending as he shot innocent people, which makes these call logs even more terrifying as helpless victims were fighting for their lives.

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