High-Level Scientologists Share $158,000 Worth Of Knowledge With Scientologists On The Street

by 3 years ago

Scientology is the biggest scam in the world. This is known. If you’ve even read a single headline about Scientology you already know that it’s a complete scam. If you’ve seen any of the ‘truth about Scientology‘ documentaries on L. Ron Hubbard then you probably know that he was a shitty Science Fiction author. And he managed to flip his shitty Sci-Fi books into a religion that makes billions of dollars by sucking in new recruits and demanding they spend a shit ton of money to unlock the secrets of the universe.

Here we have two OT3-level Scientologists who have collectively sunk $158,000 into Scientology in a quest reach enlightenment and decipher all of the questions of the universe. I don’t really know the backstory of these two guys beyond the fact that they were previously Scientologists and are now sharing the stuff they’ve learned from Scientology after sinking the down payment on a nice home into the cult. They went out in front of Scientology locations in NYC (somewhere in Midtown) and they’re sharing that info with current Scientologists.

What I find to be most shocking about this is how the Church of Scientology hasn’t had this video taken down from YouTube yet. I came across this video earlier on DIGG, and searched around and saw that it was on the front page of Reddit yesterday as well. This seems like something the Church of Scientology would do everything within their power to have removed, no?

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