Our Sriracha is Safe… For Now

But a wise judge, who clearly is head judicial advocate of flavor town, said the town's injunction was not reasonable.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert O'Brien rejected the city of Irwindale's initial bid Thursday to cease operations at the Huy Fong Foods plant until the company can reduce the odor, City News Service reported.

A hearing about the issue is scheduled for Nov. 23. So Sriracha has one month to crank out as much deliciousness as possible. Also, we probably overreacted. The town doesn't want the plant shut down, just a better filtration system added that will cost about $600,000. The company's sales last year were $85 million. So they can afford it. Actually, it kinda sounds like they are being dicks about the whole thing. 

But judging by the reaction on the internet, they could probably exploit their fans and raise that money on Kickstarter in 20 minutes. 

[Via The Huffington Post]