This Outback Steakhouse Patron Was PISSED That ‘Nobody Spoke Australian’


To be fair, this is a valid complaint. Whenver I go to Chinese restaurants I can barely understand the waiter, and while it’s annoying as hell at least I know I’m about to get authentic Americanized Chinese Food. Same with Olive Garden. When the waiter walks up and greets us with “Ciao!” instead of “Hello” and then proceeds to talk about Italian things like “pizza” and “mozzarella,” I know it’s aboutta be legit.

Outback Steakhouse, on the other hand, is a restaurant full of posers.

Reddit user themeandoggie apparently works at an Outback Steakhouse where one patron was a little miffed no one working there actually spoke Australian, which is a fair thing to be pissed about. It’s like going all the way to Ireland and finding out no one speaks Irish. What a ripoff.


Step your shit up, Outback.


[H/T Reddit]
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