OUTRAGE: People Are In A Tizzy Because Guys Don’t Like Female TV Shows Like ‘Sex And The City’

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A good boyfriend or husband will watch a few female-oriented TV shows for the sake of their girlfriend or wife because A.) You’re not some Neanderthal who believes that men control the remote control because they have a penis, B.) Your sacrifice will compel her to watch a Knicks game when they’re eight games out of the playoffs or a World War II documentary about the V-2 Rocket and C.) Your ladyfriend is much more inclined to engage in sexual activity if she feels a bond with you because you just watched a Housewives of Beverly Hills marathon (I’m so Team Vanderpump, and Yolanda is absolutely playing up her illness for empathy). However, apparently some people are not happy that men are giving their honest opinions of these shows.

The number-crunchers over at FiveThirtyEight released an article titled “Men Are Sabotaging The Online Reviews Of TV Shows Aimed At Women.” In the article they present an argument that awful men are purposely leaving bad reviews of female-oriented TV shows.

Guys are dicks. This isn’t exactly breaking news or discovering all 26 dimensions of the bosonic string theory. They’re leaving plenty of bad reviews of everything from condoms to sunshine.

Are men voting negatively on these television programs because they feel threatened by them or because they indeed suck wrinkly donkey balls?

Know what I deduct from this graph? Women are either lazy or don’t love their shows enough to put in the time and effort to let the world know how fantastic their favorite shows are. Whereas men are passionate about their television programs and aren’t afraid to put their opinions out there to be judged.

It seems as though men and women have similar tastes in the top shows, except for Friends.

Fuck Friends.



These are the shows with the most-skewed audiences. I have honestly never heard of any of the female-dominated TV shows. Ever.



Are men honestly going to IMDB and spending their free time shitting on Jane by Design? I highly doubt it.

The proof in the misogynistic pudding is allegedly the rating of Sex and the City. The show about women buying Louboutin shoes and banging the wrong guys had an overall rating of 7.0 on a scale from 1 to 10.

Nearly 60 percent of the people who wasted seconds of their life rating Sex and the City on IMDb are women. They gave it an 8.1 rating. But evil men had the audacity to rate the female-oriented show and gave it a 5.8 rating (I’d imagine the rating would plummet to 2.1 if you exclude homosexual men). Maybe if we weren’t forced to watch shows that are intelligence extractors such as Girls, Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Real Housewives of Kalamazoo, Michigan we wouldn’t be so filled with so much nausea that we felt the need to give these shit shows a negative rating. Maybe make better female shows with less talk about Hermès Birkin bags that also appeal to men?

Websites that saw huge page clicks for the coverage of the Ghostbusters reboot trailer that set the record for most dislikes of all-time and blamed the poor responses not on a shitty trailer but rather the wicked patriarchy have chimed in on this new development, hoping to churn out more “outrage.”

Can someone, like, pretend to like write for a major publication and not like they’re they’re chit–chatting with their bestie Madeline as they get a $9.99 cold-pressed kale, satsuma, rhubarb, cayenne juice.

This is actually a much tamer headline than I expected from the Jez. Disappointing to say the least. They really need to ramp up their man-hate.


The beginning of this article starts off by saying, “Men are singlehandedly responsible for making Tosh.0 a thing, so it’s pretty safe to say they have terrible taste in TV.”

Stop it. Stop it right now.

Proclaiming that Tosh.0 is trash proves to me that this author should not be making any social commentary on anything.

The article ends by saying, “Further evidence that dudes have nothing better to do than sit around at home shouting their opinions into the void of the internet.” It appears that their wasteful “shouting” wasn’t into the “void of the internet” since this author spent the time and effort to write about the opinions of said “dudes sitting around at home.”

So by this absurd logic, if I don’t really have a penchant for sushi, and I go to a sushi joint because it’s my friend’s birthday and the fish is not fresh, the waitress spills wine on me and overcharges me, I’m not allowed to give that restaurant a one-star review. Silly.

Now excuse me, I’ve got to go spend the rest of the day writing scathing, anger-ridden reviews of Pretty Little Liars.

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