Owner Of Terminally Ill Dog Wrote Up An Amazing Bucket List, Is Checking Off All 27 Of These Amazing Items

All aboard the feels train: ‘Buddy’s Bucket List’ is a list of 27 items that Buddy (a Blue Heeler dog from Australia) and his owner will complete over the coming days, already the two best of friends have completed 8 of the 27 items on the bucket list. You see, six-year-old Buddy the Blue Heeler is terminally ill with cancer and his days are numbered. Buddy and his owner, Emily Mochan, are the best of friends. If you own dogs or are a dog person then you know how amazing the bond can be between a dog and its owner. This badass bucket list, ‘Buddy’s Bucket List’, is truly a testament to that.

Before we get to what items are on the bucket list (below) I’d just like to note that there’s a Facebook page for Buddy’s Bucket List, so if you’re interested in following Buddy the Blue Heeler’s march to complete the list you can get on that by liking that page (page/pics below as well).

Now for the items on Buddy’s Bucket List:

Buddy’s Bucket List

1. Go for a run at the beach —
2. Eat Ben & Jerry’s ice cream
3. Get a special mention on Triple M
4. Make it on to the local news —
5. Have a famous cricketer throw the ball for him
6. Ride in a convertible with the top down
7. Eat a cooked steak dinner —
8. Eat a full string of sausages
9. Dine on a gourmet burger
10. A visit to the dog spa —
11. Obtain and play in a ball pit like the ones from McDonald’s
12. Take a stroll through a dog-friendly national park
13. Meet a celebrity
14. Paw-Paint a canvas picture
15. Get his very own order at the drive through at KFC
16. Go out in the rain and be allowed to get as muddy as he likes
17. Sit in a cop car —
18. Sit in a fire engine
19. Meet and get a pat from the postman
20. Birthday party on March 8 if he’s still with us
21. Get a special mention in the local paper
22. Return to favourite five dog parks
23. Discover an additional five future favourite dog parks
24. Ride in a jeep —
25. Go out on a boat —
26. Visit Noosa’s dog beach —
27. Go 4WDing

So first up, this list is amazing and if I had terminally ill cancer myself my bucket list would probably look nearly identical to Buddy’s Bucket List. I’d want to eat a gourmet burger, an entire link of sausage, a steak. I’d want to go boating and hit up the dog beach. I’d like to visit the dog spa because that sounds fun, and you know what? I’ve never met my postman.

Frankly, I can’t invest too much thought into this because it makes me think how I’ll react when my own dog dies one day. She’s the best, just look at how fucking cute this pup is:

It’s just refreshing to know that this dog’s last days will be spent doing awesome things and getting showered with attention. And if you’re wondering the answer is no, I’m not crying, it’s just dusty in here.

[h/t ABC News Australia]

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