This Little Kid’s Pablo Escobar Costume Is So Solid I’m Worried He Might Kill Me For Narcing

by 3 years ago


It’s important to give your kids role models at an early age. But so many of them are superficial, turning out to be hollow. The baseball player your little boy adored used steroids. The politician your child wanted to grow up to be got dome under the Roosevelt desk from an assistant while talking to the first lady.

Why have your kid emulate those kinds of people? Why not have him look up to someone who won’t let him down? A man whose dirty secrets are out in the open, as well as someone who revolutionized an industry?

That’s right. Have your kid grow up to be Pablo Escobar. The world needs more Pablo Escobars. Our appetite for illicit drugs isn’t ever going to abate, so why not groom some children from an early age? Like handing Tiger Woods a putter at two.

Like these fantastic parents, who are enduring scathing remarks for hoping to keep the next generation drugged up. They dressed their kid as Pablo Escobar. I applaud them.

Naturally, moralist are upset.

“Pablo Escobar is more then the king of coke,” said someone on Facebook. “He is also the creator of narco terrorism, which claimed the life of thousand of innocent people. Including little kids like this one.”

Well, no, this kid is alive and slinging rock. Also, all your idols have killed people. Superman. Batman. It ain’t no big deal.

Little bro and his parents, we salute you.

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