This Is What A Paint Fleck Orbiting The Earth Does To The International Space Station (Wreck It Up Good Is What)

That, right there, is a crack in one of the windows of the International Space Station.

What caused it? Nothing more unassuming or harmless than a fleck of paint. Or a piece of metal one thousandth of a millimeter wide.

How does a minuscule, weightless, little nothing like that chip what’s gotta be some seriously strong space glass? Because that little thing was whipping around the Earth at a whooping 17,000 mph.

Doesn’t matter what you are. With that kind of momentum, you wreck shit good.

The image was shared by astronaut Tim Peake, who is in the International Space Station right now.

That’s gotta be terrifying.

The glass is multilayered, so no one ding could rip a hole in the ISS and send the folks aboard into the vacuum of space. However, anything more than a couple inches big would be devastating to the ship and crew, and scientists estimate nearly 30,000 pieces that size or larger are traveling around the Earth, gunning for our astromen.

Space junk. It’s a real fear.

[Via The Huffington Post]