This Guy Went Cliff Jumping…And His Parachute Was Attached To His Back Piercings

by 4 years ago


Remember that SAW movie a few years ago where the guy had to pull himself up a chain while two giant hooks were stuck in his chest? Yeah, that’s a lot like this except with less screaming/blood and more “Wheee I’m flyinggg”…along with some random trap music.

Daredevil Stanislav Aksenov, known for his love of base jumping and body piercing, decided to combine his two passions to perform a hair-raising stunt.
The extreme stuntman, from Moscow, filmed himself leaping from a steep cliff into the Lauterbrunnen Valley in the Canton of Bern, Switzerland.
But in an added twist, the thrill-seeker completed the incredible feat wearing a parachute fixed to piercings embedded in his back.

Via Mirror

Whenever something like this pops up my first question is always “Why?” What made you wake up one morning and say to yourself “You know what’d be fun? Not just jumping off cliffs, but doing it with a parachute that could potentially rip the skin off of my back. Wahoo!” Maybe I’m just boring, but I’ll take my wall-facing desk where I spend 9 hours a day sitting around on the Internet over potential death.

[H/T Mirror]