Parents Alter Their Kids’ Ray Rice Jerseys Perfectly To Teach Them A Valuable Lesson

So the punishments have been levied out to Ray Rice and the talking heads have weighed in on the unfortunate situation; however there is still some collateral damage caused by the brutal act of domestic violence. Fans could exchange their Ray Rice jersey with the Baltimore Ravens, but trying to get your four-year-old kid to give up his or her favorite jersey is an arduous proposition. Instead of burning them, which wouldn’t teach the children anything, some parents altered the jersey in a way to gently ease into a discussion about Ray Rice’s disgusting actions. Bryan Bartlett gave his children Ray Rice jerseys two years ago for a Christmas present, but instead of throwing them away, they used the horrible situation to send a positive message.

The Facebook post quickly went viral and it encouraged other parents like Kate Sprague to redesign the now disgraced jersey into something amazing.