Parents Kick Daughter Out Of The House And Force Her To Live In Woods… Because She Ate A Pop-Tart

It was just on Monday that we had some peculiar parenting when a father caught his son bullying other kids so he taught him a valuable lesson by having him fight a professional boxer. Now we have these parents who went over the line for what seems to be a very, very harmless infraction.

James Driggers, 33, and his wife Crystal Driggers, 36, kicked their 14-year-old daughter out of the house and forced her to live in a tent in the woods more than a quarter-mile from the home. This was all because she ate a Pop-Tart. The parents provided their child with only a roll of toilet paper, a flashlight, a whistle and a watch. The teen girl was told by her parents to meet a member of the family at a fence on the family’s property at specific times during the day if she wanted to receive food. Her brother delivered her an open can of Spaghetti-Os with a plastic spoon one afternoon (Maybe a little less processed foods perhaps?). The wooded area she was exiled to was known to have wild hogs and severe thunderstorms hit the town one night she was all alone. On the second night, the child attempted to return home, but was turned away by her own flesh and blood.

Reports don’t even specify critical details such as what flavor of said Pop-Tart and if it was indeed the last Pop-Tart. The news only says that the daughter banished into the wilderness “because she ate a Pop-Tart without permission.”

Now if it was some newfangled shittty flavor like Frosted Hot Fudge Sundae or anything unfrosted and there was still at least two packs left, then these parents are absolute monsters. However if this was one of the classic delicious flavors such as Cherry, Strawberry or Cinnamon and it was the last pack, well I’m not saying that they should have stranded their daughter… but I understand.

The girl’s grandmother called police after hearing that her granddaughter was sent to outdoor prison. Investigators also learned that a month earlier when temperatures soared into triple digits, the teen had not been allowed into the home every day from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. “She couldn’t return for any reason,” Police spokesman Braden Bunch said. “Not to get a drink, not to use the bathroom, nothing.” Hey, I think I could be a parent if it frees up my days until the evening.

Both parents were charged with a single count of unlawful neglect of a child and more charges are possible as the investigation continues, police said. The Driggers have five other children, and they have been placed in the custody of their grandparents while the 14-year-old girl is with the South Carolina Department of Social Services.

Well, at least the parents know that nobody is going to even glance at their precious Pop-Tarts.