Paris Hilton’s Brother Assaulted in Hit Ordered by Lindsay Lohan

According to Gawker, the brother of Paris Hilton got his face punched in because Lindsay Lohan wanted his ass beat to shit. 

According to the Hiltons, Barron and Lindsay were at a party for rich and gross people on Friday night when Lohan — who has miraculously managed to stay out of trouble since leaving rehab in August — overheard the boy Hilton trashing her. Later in the night, Barron was attacked by an unknown man in what the Hiltons say was retaliation ordered by Lohan.

SICK! What fun is being rich and famous if you can't have muscle to do your dirty work? It's like Lindsay Lohan is Scarface, complete with the cocaine. No, really. 

“You talk s— about me to my boyfriend, this is what you get,” Lohan reportedly said, according to TMZ

This is clearly the behavior of people not on drugs and emotionally stable. Though Lohan has reason to hate the Hiltons. Paris Hilton's old boyfriend once called her a firecrotch. Celeb beef these days. It's street. 

[Image via Instagram]