Bro Tired Of People Parking Like A-Holes Is Putting Bumper Stickers On Cars Calling Them Out

by 2 years ago
bad parking bumper stickers


Everyone hates it when we see some douche park illegally, but none of us ever do anything about it, right? Well, this man, Jeff Orlick of Jackson Heights, New York IS doing something about it. And it’s hilarious (and probably illegal).

You see, Jeff is sick of seeing people in Queens parking illegally in handicap spots and in front of fire hydrants so he’s become something of a parking vigilante.

Whenever he sees someone flaunting the parking laws he stops and slaps a “I park like an A–-HOLE” bumper sticker on their car.

He’s even selling these stickers on Etsy in the hopes that other people will follow his lead.

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