Philly Food Staple Pat’s Steaks Cited For Some SERIOUSLY GROSS Health Code Violations

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Paul Marotta/Getty Images

There’s an old saying in Philadelphia: “If you like someone sweating over your cheesesteak, go to Pat’s. If you don’t, go to Geno’s.”

Sweat? No thank you. I’d rather just wiz, peppers, and onions.

I learned that adage from my father when I was very young, hence, I’ve never once entertained the idea of getting a steak from Pat’s. The two famed Philadelphia food staples/tourist traps reside across the street from each other in South Philly, and yesterday, my lifelong allegiance to Geno’s was confirmed pure and true.

A random health inspection by city officials discovered a whopping 11 health code violations at Pat’s, with 6 of them being deemed “dangerous.” And they. were. GROSS.

“I actually think that you know some things that yo-you forget and you don’t remember, you know what I mean it’s like, you know it’s good you know in a way, because now you learn more.” – a 40 year employee of Pat’s.

Ummmmm, what dude!?

Serving food to people with dirty knives in the presence of mouse droppings and you’re basically insinuating that at some point you forgot to clean up the rodent shit and the knives and the ice machine, among other things, so this is all just a good learning experience!!!? GTFOH!

And how about that “lifelong” Pat’s customer that says this doesn’t phase her? Worked in restaurants her whole life and this kind of thing is commonplace. Nope. Nope. Nope.

I prefer my cheesesteaks sans mouse poop, so I’ll stay going to Geno’s if the crave hits after a Flyers game, or at 3 a.m. after a night at Xfinity Live.

But for the record, my go-to spot is Sonny’s on Market Street. I’ll maintain they’re the best in the city until someone can prove me wrong.

[via 6abc]