Man Saves His Marriage By Adding Two More Wives, Is A Modern-Day Hugh Hefner Just Living The Dream

There’s nothing Mormon about what’s going on here, this isn’t like Bill Pullman in that HBO show Big Love set out in Utah. The so-called ‘Lord of the Wives’ is a man named Paulie, and he’s living in New Jersey along with his three wives are Vanessa, Hazel, and Lady. Their story is quite fascinating because polyamory is very, very real even if it’s not accepted by mainstream society and is often considered taboo.

Seriously, just look at this excerpt of their lives and you’ll realize that this is absolutely nothing like the polygamy practiced by Mormons in Utah:

“Some nights, we leave the kids with their grandparents and the four of us get in the Jacuzzi or have amazing sex together in the living room.
“I want to make sure Vanessa, Lady and Hazel all get pleasure so I put an album on and I have sex with each of them for the duration of one song.”

via News Dog TV:

The foursome all have sex together and regularly go on dinner dates. Whilst the four gorgeous wives are best friends – they love to go to the gym with each other after work and help raise Paulie’s three children by Vanessa and Lady.
The four of them have all adopted the new surname ‘Hussle’ and Paulie has even had t-shirts made for the women with the words ‘Sister Wives’ and ‘Pauliegamy’ emblazoned on them.
Vanessa, Hazel and Lady even have matching tattoos of Paulie’s face between their breasts.
Fashion Businessman, Paulie says: “When Vanessa and I began having problems in our marriage and broke up, I started seeing Hazel and then, Lady too.
“I felt so guilty about what I was doing because I still loved my wife. I wanted to be with these two other women but I also wasn’t ready to give up on Vanessa.
“Vanessa was my best friend and my soulmate and I hoped we could still work things out as a foursome.”
Automotive Engineer, Vanessa, who has an eleven-year-old son and nine-year-old daughter, with Paulie, adds: “When I heard that Paulie was in a relationship with Hazel and Lady, I was shocked.
“Initially I hated the thought of these two women – they made my blood boil.
“I told my friends that if I ever met Hazel and Lady, it would end in a fist fight! But over time, I came to understand what Paulie was feeling and I became attracted and in love with these women too.
“When I told Paulie that I wanted to be in a relationship with him and Hazel and Lady, he cried tears of joy.

Uh, yah, no shit. OF COURSE he cried tears of joy. This dude just hit the jackpot and gets to have sex with three women at all times, forever, and because they’re all married there’s nothing for him to feel guilty about. Paulie’s also managed to somehow flip this into a business venture and is making money off the fact that he has three hot wives and is selling Paulieamory shirts.

You can find out more about this foursome from New Jersey and how they operate as a married unit by heading on over to News Dog Media, there you’ll find out what it takes to become a Hugh Hefner yourself.

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