Court Rules Paying For Sex Isn’t Cheating But Only If You’re Getting Laid For This Specific Reason



According to most women, everything is cheating. Texting is cheating, sexting is totally cheating, having a Tinder profile is eventual cheating and banging a girl’s best friend, well, you get the point.

But a Japanese judge ruled that banging a woman that isn’t your wife ISN’T adultery, so long as there are business reasons. Just one more reason to love the land of the rising sun.

A decision by the Tokyo District Court to reject a compensation case against a night club hostess who had a long-running sexual relationship with one of her clients effectively endorses adultery, experts say.

The ruling said the man’s wife was ineligible for compensation from the hostess because of the business motive for the relationship — to retain a good customer.

In the lawsuit, the man’s wife demanded ¥4 million from the hostess for psychological distress. She alleged that the woman had conducted a sexual relationship with her husband, a company president, for over seven years.

But the court dismissed the claim, with the judge comparing the hostess to a prostitute, saying that the only difference is whether she received payment for sexual intercourse “directly” or “indirectly.”

Long story short, she was only banging the guy so he’d keep coming back. As my colleague David Covucci so eloquently put it, it’s “business fucking”.

Experts claim the case may set a new precedent which justifies extramarital affairs so long as the third party, the fuckee, is motivated by business interests. So for the married guys, basically any hooker is in it for the business. So are some strippers. So are some regular women. Basically everyone but her best friend is open season.

[via Japan Times]

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