Next Time You Wanna ‘Get It In’, Show This Video Of A Pearlfish Sliding Into A Sea Cucumber’s Butt

pearlfish sea cucumber bbc two natural world
Any time you see a link accompanied by the text, “So, nature is gross”, you’re kind of bound to click it. When I did, it took me to a clip from BBC Two’s “Natural World” in which “A cunning pearl fish finds a rather unusual safe haven in the rear end of a sea cucumber.”

Survival of the fittest? Try survival of the illest because that is one sick move by the pearlfish. A) I didn’t know the pearlfish existed. B) I didn’t know the sea cucumber existed. C) When you’re prey like the pearlfish, ya gotta do whatever it takes to stay alive. D) Sea cucumbers are into butt stuff.

I’d previously written about how the Animal Kingdom exhibit the Museum of Sex turned my world upside down and inside out. But, this isn’t even about sex. At least, I don’t think either party is getting enjoyment out of this unless the sea cucumber has a perfect poker face.

pearlfish sea cucumber bbc two natural world

So, maybe you should put the kibosh on asking girls if they like a-holes and asking girls about their thoughts on anal sex. Show them this vid instead and be like, “See, ain’t so bad, right? Just animals doing animal things. Let’s be about that nature, girl.” I guarantee it works in the United Kingdom, just be quick because the government is trying to murder fun.

This comment takes the cake:

Pearlfish would end up like Andy in Shawshank Redemption.

Via Reddit