Guy Goes Around Asking College Girls About Anal Sex And Their Responses Are… Interesting

college girls anal sex

YouTube - SimpleSexyStupid

I like how this guy from SimpleSexyStupid lulls girls into thinking he’s going to have a relatively normal interview by starting out asking them about first dates. So smooth.

Then he slowly starts working sex into the conversation talking about kissing and other boring dating-type stuff.

Little did they know he was just working his way up to dropping this potentially nuclear question on them, “How does one convince a female to do anal?”

I have to say, I do like the one girl who responds, “Maybe you have to get a drink or two into her first to like get her limbered up.”

Not even sure what she means by that, but she just seems like she might be a fun date.

As for the one who said, “just go for it, see what happens,” I don’t think she has much of a future in anything that requires her to dole out advice to people.

Check out the rest of the responses below and hey, you might actually learn something. No idea what, but anything is possible.