Go Ahead, Piss On A Beehive, And Learn Your Lesson Like These Poor Bastards

A bus traveling through Vietnam’s central province of Quang Ngai pulled over to let male passengers take a squirt. One jerkoff, because there’s always ONE JERKOFF, decided it would be fine to just open fire on a bee hive.

Here’s the thing about bees though, they do ZERO INVESTIGATION before stinging random people. Especially, ESPECIALLY after getting pissed on. It’s like accidentally spilling a drink on a dude at the club, he’s not pulling out a pencil and pad and start taking witness statements, he’s just going to start swinging at random dudes until someone starts bleeding on his new “going out” shirt.

So the bees come out, stingers ablaze, and just start nailing anyone with a dick in view. Yup, 22 innocent men got stung on the cock and balls because one guy has to go all Jackass on a road trip to…probably a Mahjong contest. Some men were hospitalized after suffering a fever and injuries to the hands and face.

I hope they all took a piss on the guy in his hospital bed.

[Death & Taxes]

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