This Video Of An Abandoned Pelican Learning To Fish On His Own Is A Freight Train Full Of The Feels


YouTube / GoPro

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill ‘look at this bird do some weird shit’ video, this video of a pelican overcoming adversity and learning to fend for himself out there in the big, bad world is going to warm the ever living shit out of your cold, dead heart. The GoPro channel on YouTube just know what exactly ‘great content’ looks like, and today ‘great content = a video of a white pelican abandoned by his flock and forced to learn to fish on his own.

Against all odds that pelican befriends some humans who appear to live in the most idyllic tropical paradise I’ve ever seen AND the white pelican learns to fish from those humans. I found myself watching this video and thinking ‘how in the actual hell is a video of a pelican making me feel all these feeling?!?’

I’ve spent my entire life fond of pelicans, growing up on the Gulf Coast of Florida I’d see them every single day. But pelicans also drop massive shits everywhere they go. They poop on my dock, they poop on my boat, they poop on barrier islands so much that they become massive mangrove forests consisting of ONLY pelican shit….They basically drop bombs on everything they come in contact with. Watching this video though I forgot about all of that, I just enjoyed this pelican’s story, and that pelican made me feel my own feels.



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