Cucked Penguin Found His Girl With A New Man, Then Went On An Epic Bloody Rage-Fueled Fight For Revenge

by 1 year ago


How blissfully adorable are penguins?


They innocently waddle and always come dressed for the occasion with their fancy tuxedos.


They’re so delightfully adorbz that they even put them in cartoons for kids.


There really isn’t any other animal as cuuuu…. AGHHHHHH! GET THAT DEATH BIRD AWAY FROM ME!!!

The National Geographic Channel showed a different side of penguins. It turns out these lovable critters are scary as fuck especially when someone cheats on them. This rage-filled penguin tries to kill the dude who banged his girl while he was gone. The 3-minute clip titled “Animal Fight: Homewrecking Penguin,” plays out like an episode of “Jerry Springer,” except the fighting isn’t fake as they beat each other to a bloody pulp by flapping their wings at each other.

After brawling for some time and other penguins yelling, “WildLifeStar!,” the guys let the woman decide who she wants to be with. She sides with her new man because she’s all about that strange dick. The old penguin says fuck that and fights Mr. Steal Yo Girl again, this time instead of just using their wings to bludgeon each other, they try to gouge eyes out with their beaks. The cucked penguin loses yet again and is forced to do the most humiliating walk of shame ever.

Stop putting that penguin pussy on a pedestal and get out there and get you a new chick.


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