People Are Already Waiting In Line For Best Buy’s Thanksgiving Sale

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Two people near Los Angeles, California are already in line at Best Buy for their Thanksgiving sale. That’s three weeks away. They really, really want a good deal on that TV. Via the Star Tribune:

Some consumers are so anxious for Best Buy’s Black Friday doings that they have already begun lining up outside some outlets, the statement added. Two bargain-hungry women started a line last Wednesday outside the Best Buy in Beaumont, Calif., which is east of Los Angeles and where temperatures are ranging from the upper 40s at night to the low 70s in the day.

Vicky Torres said she’s willing to camp outside the Best Buy entrance for what will be three weeks so she can get a deal on a new television.

Torres and friend Juanita Salas, relying on folding chairs, sleeping bags and pillows for comfort, give each other breaks from time to time to allow the other to grab a bite to eat and take a shower.

Reaction from others passing by has varied to what has become an annual event for Torres and Salas.

“The employees like me,” Torres said. As for the customers, she added, “Some say that’s dedication, and others say that’s stupid.”

Torres said she passes the time “sitting here and watching people. … My daughter checks on me all the time,” sometimes with the four grandchildren in tow.

The whole damn world has lost its mind when family bonding is sitting in a Best Buy parking lot for a stupid fucking TV. ” Sitting there, watching people.” Man, that statement makes me sad.

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