This ‘People Are Awesome 2015’ Compilation Is Proof That Life Is For Living, And It’s A Good Time To Be Alive

The ‘People Are Awesome 2015 DevinSuperTramp Edition’ just dropped last week and it features the music of Boyce Avenue, the most popular band on YouTube. This video’s a strong reminder that there’s a huge world out there, and though there are some pretty vile human beings on Planet Earth there are FAR MORE good people doing great things. Hit play on the video below and remind yourself that life is for the living, that the coolest experiences you’ve ever had weren’t spent staring at a computer screen:

So fun story, this video actually came in on the BroBible Tip Line from one of the members of Boyce Avenue, a rock band made up of three brothers from Sarasota, Florida. As some of you bros who read BroBible religiously might have noticed by now I was also born/raised in Sarasota, and it turns out that I actually know one of these bros from back in high school. I’ve been following their meteoric rise to success for a few years, from relative obscurity to nearly 8 MILLION subscribers on YouTube, 3 million fans on Facebook, and half a million followers on Twitter.

It was pretty cool to see this video come through on the BroBible tip line, a video titled ‘People Are Awesome’, and see it feature the music of someone I knew in passing many many years ago…Just another reminder that cool shit happens in this world each and every day. So I’d just like to send a shout out to Fabian and his brothers who make up Boyce Avenue for sending this video my way, and I wish them all the success in the world going forward into 2016!

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Cass Anderson is Editor-in-Chief of BroBible. He graduated from Florida State University, has been to more Phish concerts than he’d like to admit.