People are Not Happy With a Selfie-Snapping Turkish Suicide Negotiator (Probably Because the Guy Jumped)


This is not the incident in question.

Clearly looking to steal the thunder from the now-famous Selfies at a Funerals website, one enterprising Turkish police officer accidentally spawned the idea for Selfies Before a Funeral.

And people aren’t entirely pleased with his bold — and narcissistic tactic.

A shocking photo taken on Istanbul’s Bosphorus Bridge Monday morning shows the uniformed officer appearing to narcissistically pose for the camera while the troubled man dangerously hangs over the edge.

The officer was one of several “highly trained negotiators” dispatched to help the distressed man, said a police spokesman.

But seconds after the officer raised the device to his face, the victim, identified as 35-year-old Sadrettin Saskin, let go and plunged nearly 600-feet to his death, the Croatian Times reported.

A full inquest is underway.

In the cop’s offense, it was apparently the man’s third such attempt. Perhaps he thought he was just crying wolf again.

On the other hand … the camera-phone enthusiast sounds like a real idiot. Too big of a risk for such a small payoff.

[H/T: New York Daily News]