People Are Hating On Selena Gomez For Being A Hypocrite For What She Said Defending Taylor Swift Vs. Kim Kardashian

In a weird twist that no one saw coming, Selena Gomez has somehow become one of the villains in the whole “Kim Kardashian Called Out Taylor Swift For Being A Lying Shitbag” escapade. After Kim revealed her recording of Taylor giving Kanye the OK to use her name in his “Famous” track (despite Taylor denying that she ever gave her approval), celebrities far and wide picked sides and stuck to them: Taylor or Kimye? Selena Gomez, long-time friend of Taylor, made the obvious choice:

However, according to one LA Times journalist, Selena has chosen on multiple occasions to remain silent on things that “fucking matter”:

Rather than backing off and tweeting something non-committal, like “No one is perfect and neither am I blah blah,” Gomez responded to a tweet calling her out for remaining silent on both Black Lives Matter and police brutality with probably the worst answer she could’ve given:


Whoops. Cue shitstorm…

…and the brand spankin’ new hashtag, #SelenaGomezIsOverParty:

Unsurprisingly, Selena has chosen to (yet again) remain mute.


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