People Are Outraged That President Obama Saluted His Marine Guard With A Starbucks Cup In Hand

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President Obama landed in New York to give a speech at the United Nations General Assembly. Because POTUS is POTUS, he was filmed getting out of Marine One by the White House Instagram. This sparked outrage because he returned the salute from his Marine guard with a half-salute with a Starbucks venti in-hand. Some are saying this is disrespectful and this “scandal” is being called “the latte salute.” A few things to keep in mind:

-As a civilian, a President is not required to salute back, even though it has been a trend since Reagan to do so.

-President George W. Bush once half-assed a salute with a dog in hand.

-The United States just started airstrikes targeting ISIS in Syria the evening before, .


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